Stem Ball Drop

Stem Ball Drop



High quality plastic stem toy. Ball drop system includes 1 top bin, 1 lower bin, 1 long track, 1 medium track, 2 small tracks, 3 foam balls, 4 locking myWall pins, 8 non-locking myWall pins.

Product suggested for ages 6 and above.

  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Entry Bin: 7”x10”x10.5”
  • Exit Bin: 10”x10”x10.5”
  • Long Track: 46”x5.75”x4.5”
  • Medium Track: 23”x5.75”x4.5”
  • Short Track: 14”x5.75”x4.5” (2 quantity)
  • Material: King Starboard® white. See MSDS for materials detail.


Weight 24 lbs


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