a kids room with a playroom treehouse in the middle of the room

Building a Treehouse Playroom for Your Kids

This expansive, gender-neutral treehouse playroom for kids uniquely combines STEM and creative play activities in a bright and colorful space. The combination of creative and traditional elements provides a uniquely crafted space designed, fabricated, and installed by AdaptivDC.

You can find a whole lot of fun ready for the kids in this bright and colorful indoor playroom, perfect for playtime, arts and crafts, or schoolwork.


The theme for this inviting and playful space is an imaginative take on a functional playroom, bringing outdoor fun indoors. The space is welcoming to everyone in the family, engaging creative and STEM experiences in a bright and colorful space.

a closeup picture of the details of a treehouse playroom by AdaptivDC


The center of the playroom is dominated by an amazing 2 story treehouse and an elevated bridge connecting it to a private clubhouse. The treehouse is perched on a 7ft wide tree, inviting creative play on both levels. The integrated desk is both inside and outside the tree base, allowing for board games or joint projects. There are three kid’s doors for privacy, welcoming you into the clubhouse with a secret trap door to access the bridge back to the treehouse. The creative and playful feeling is expanded throughout with a custom carpet inviting the outdoors in. The space is then surrounded with more functional elements perfect for children ages 2-12.

a walkway to kids treehouse


This playroom offers multiple storage options along the walls, at the desks, and in both the treehouse and clubhouse. The myWall storage unit offers countless storage options and configurations along the main wall with open shelving, closed cabinets, pegs, and hide-away desks – anything you want to store or hang can find a home. Additional storage is provided with the standing corner unit, which is perfect for books or toys.

small red door with panda bear in corner


While this playroom provides fun and creative options for children from 2-12, it can adapt and grow with this family as their children grow and their interests or needs change.  The myWall system is developed to offer easy and immediate customization with simple adjustments. Every element of the wall can be moved, offering endless possibilities. The full structure can be deconstructed and relocated by the family if necessary.

ladder in kids' treehouse playroom


The playroom is designed for ample open space, allowing for creative and safe playtime without obstacles. The second-floor bridge is accompanied by tall netting to add challenge, and the custom drop-down tables have locks to keep them secure. The myWall® system uses a custom locking mechanism to secure all elements and ensure stability and durability over time. Double-cushioned floor rugs offer another level of safety and comfort to the little ones playing on the floor.

If you’re looking to build a playroom for your kids that’s engaging and great for learning and playing, then contact us to learn more about our various products.

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