the ultimate pegboard wall for kids

Easy Installation

myWall simply hangs on a French cleat and can be customized with ease

High-Quality Material

Solid wood providing long lasting durability and strength

Adaptable Design

A creative multi-functional solution that evolves with any style and setting

Customized Capabilities

Our fabrication shop can customize for any need

Create a kids space that will last from infant to teen

myWall is the world’s premium pegboard wall system that provides the ability to customize any wall to fit a child’s interests and needs. The myWall pegboard walls are easily hung in minutes, and have unmatched strength. With over 50 toys and accessories, the system can be customized for any room.

Created by an interior designer that specializes in kids rooms

We understand how difficult it can be to maximize your space and meet all your kids storage and play needs while still complementing the room.

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