Custom Spaces for Kids Rooms

From Imagination to Installation

When it comes to custom spaces for kids rooms, we produce imaginatively designed solutions for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens. We bring over 17 years of experience in designing, fabricating, and installing truly ‘one of a kind’ bedrooms and play areas in close consultation with you and your child. We excel at partnering our ingenuity with your child’s imagination to deliver unparalleled engagement and enjoyment.

We understand a kid’s bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep. It’s a fort, a spaceship, a jungle, or a café in the heart of Paris. It’s also a place to learn, a place to be entertained, and a place to ‘be me’.

We view a kid’s room as an ecosystem, a place where they grow and interact with the things around them. This Interaction should stand the test of time. That’s why we develop products and craft solutions that evolve with your child’s interests over time, from toddler to teenager.

Chris Jones has been creating amazing bespoke rooms for children for the last 17 years, delivering exceptional products for individual clients across the globe. Through AdaptivDC, his designs are now being made available to a broader audience.

Unique Design Pillars

Every AdaptivDC project is created and built with 5 guiding elements: Theme, Focus, Storage, Growth, and Safety. These fundamental elements guide the project from inception to completion and serve as the foundation for creativity to build on.

THEME | Every project has an inspiration and aspiration, the core feeling or vision that the space will embody when complete. The theme in an AdaptivDC custom space is not built around a single image or element but is created through every detail, big and small, translating ideas and dreams into the perfect space for a curious child, a growing tween, or an active family. While the themes in some rooms are visually or topically specific, other spaces look to convey a feeling or attitude. Whatever the vision may be, the theme in every AdaptivDC space is the founding element of design and fabrication.

FOCUS | While the theme provides the overall look and feel of the space, a single, undeniable focal point or piece sets the tone and harmonizes the environment. The focus in a space can be a single element or an entire wall. Either way, it can draw your attention across the space or to the center of the room. It should always anchor your theme. AdaptivDC custom spaces boast some of the most creative and fantastic elements, sometimes producing more than one focal point in a space. However, each supporting the overall theme and offering the occupants something new and exciting.

STORAGE | Creativity is not limited to the artistic elements in a space. True ingenuity is found in combining practical and necessary elements within the creative vision. No matter the space being designed, incorporating storage is essential, and providing innovative storage options that blend into the design is critical to a clean, functional space.

GROWTH | Designing any space for a single moment in time requires vision. Designing a space that can unite current needs with future necessities requires a creative ingenuity and resourcefulness rarely achieved in interior design. Designing and fabricating spaces for kids and families requires an innovative approach to every project. Predicting future needs and incorporating elements that can be easily updated as the needs and interests mature is paramount to providing value.

SAFTEY | The well-being and security of every occupant in the space is a core component of every AdaptivDC design from inception to final fabrication and installation. Every element and every detail is reviewed and evaluated, ensuring a safe environment. These inspired and whimsical spaces are created to enhance and support a child’s imagination and offer a safe, reliable place to play, relax and learn.

We are much more than ‘an interior design’ company’ – AdaptivDC works closely with each private client to create the ultimate custom space for your kid’s room. We operate on a highly consultative, interpersonal level with each client, developing the brief, selecting materials, developing the design and fabricating all items to ensure you get the best quality furniture and fittings, and a unique design that reflects the personality of your child.

Simple Philosophy

We partner our ingenuity with your child’s imagination to create kid’s spaces unparalleled in engagement and enjoyment. Each interior we create incorporates the elements of fun, learning, creativity, and exercise to immerse your child in a safe, healthy environment that sparks their imagination and playfulness. This approach, combined with high quality materials, craftsmanship and strict safety guidelines ensures each child has a room that reflects their unique personalities and stands the test of time.

Design, Fabrication, Installation

Just as each child is unique, our methodologies are also unique and tailor-made to each client. We don’t do “one size fits all.” Each project we undertake has a dedicated team appointed to the project from start to finish.

There are three phases to each project, and we involve our private clients as much or as little as they want in the first phase, which are designed to create fully bespoke interiors to suit the requirements of each child and to reflect their own unique personality.

At our R&D Centre in Ashburn, VA, USA, Chris and his team work on the Adaptiv designs to create truly one-off bespoke furniture items. We don’t make generic items, and we don’t hold stock as each project is unique, and each product is designed with the client’s wishes in mind.

Chris develops and fabricates his designs to strict quality guidelines and ships items worldwide for installs. By providing turn-key solutions, Adaptiv is with you each step of the way; through concept, design, fabrication, and fit-out.

About Adaptiv

We began our journey in 2017 and now operate globally, working with clients in the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. We have completed projects from 50 sq meters to over 250 sq meters and handle all the production, procurement and installation (if required). Our headquarters in Ashburn, VA, serves as our R&D shop supporting custom design and fabrication with additional manufacturing capabilities in Thailand and Indonesia.

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