Education space designs

Schools are constantly adapting to a shifting population of students. Kids come in different sizes and their environment needs to reflect that. The flexibility of myWall means that teachers can change the placement of the installation to fit the height of the child. It’s also quick and easy to reposition.

While many clients use myWall as shelves and/or desks, we also offer a wide range of custom learning tools that build children’s motor skills, dexterity and problem-solving. Some examples: rock climbing, ball tracking, pulleys/cranes, water play, ring toss, and more.

Modular Learning System for Schools

The myWall Inline Learning System is an out-of-the-box educational solution that allows you to customize your school according to the needs of the day. It’s load bearing (pile on the product!); easy to assemble/disassemble; and its’ high-quality design and construction give you the ability to organize your classroom to the best effect again and again. The wide range of available accessories allows additions and modifications over time.

Using myWall in the Classroom

The myWall Inline Learning System is the perfect piece of mobile infrastructure for schools looking to make their facilities stand out. Rooted in design cues derived from both Scandinavian and Japanese design, the high-quality myWall system is designed to provide schools with a mobile, modular and customizable educational display system ready to be used time and again. It’s extremely sturdy and load bearing–perfect for students. The freedom of customization makes it unique for every student.

Key Features

  • High-end design
  • Easily customizable, wide variety of accessories
  • Sturdily crafted
  • Increase ROI, use again and again
  • Easy to assemble, minimal tools
  • Don’t be generic, stand out
  • Cost efficient compared to fully customized solutions
  • Complete customization with modular plug-and-play shelving
  • Durable, environmentally friendly hardwood panels (recycled aluminum & renewable rubber wood)
  • Modular savings: start simple and build up on a budget
  • Structural support for products, displays, TV’s, etc.
  • Load bearing system for heavy object display
Overall system is customizable into many other structure shapes and configurations.
Stem Ring Toss
Stem Catapult

This patent pending locking pin system allows users to use both the front or the back of the wall panels for product display, storage, and marketing surface.

With the use of locking pins, the structure becomes a safe display surface for multiple objects on display.display surface for multiple objects on display.

10×10 space
Back wall

2743mm W (9’)
2438mm H (8’)

4 mywall

10×20 space
Back wall

5791mm W (19’)
2438mm H (8’)

9 mywall

10×20 space
Island System

2743mm W (9’)
2438mm H (8’)

16 mywall


Form and Function, Every Time.
Order any of the myWall systems now without any need for design consultation, fabrication, or installation fees.
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