How to Adapt

Interior design solutions for your business

AdaptivDC is a full-service commercial/residential interior design firm that provides clients with unique, customized solutions. We bring unmatched quality, flexibility, and creativity to all our clients across the United States.

AdaptivDC is also the proud provider of the myWall peg wall system and is a full-service shop providing design, fabrication, and installation to clients across the United States.

Custom Installations

We don’t place limits on your ideas! We work flexibly with clients to design and fabricate the installation you need to most effectively meet your dream/vision. Adaptiv works with clients in several different ways depending on the project’s budget, timeframe, and location.


Initial meeting, call or skype with client in order to review basic needs. This is used as the basis for developing an overall direction of the project scope and to develop an initial budget for the production.


AdaptivDC will provide a full design for any space, including custom furniture, color palettes, accessories, and other architectural elements. Based on your direction, we adapt the design two additional times, then provide completed artistic renderings and scaled drawings of the space. While cost varies based on scale, the typical rate for concept design for a single room is $6,000, though 50 percent of that amount is credited toward the Fabrication stage if you decide to move ahead.


We can also fabricate all of the furniture and architectural elements included in the design. Pieces will be designed and built to fit the space, a direct interpretation of the agreed upon design. We will always discuss budget with you and work within those parameters.


AdaptivDC can provide complete installation of every element detailed in the design. We work with highly qualified craftsmen, selectively chosen to suit the needs of each project, ensuring high-quality design, fabrication and installation.

How to Adapt

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